Transitional Year: CURRICULUM

LGHM's internship is characterized by a broad range of supervised inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences with a patient population who have a wide spectrum of health concerns. The training year also provides exposure to core disciplines as well as the specialty.

Education is provided in medical/surgical experiences while incorporating formal and informal methodology. Each rotation has scope, volume, and variety to allow trainees to meet standards and program objectives.


Rotation requirements include the following block scheduling:

  • 3 - Internal Medicine (under the supervision of an internist)

  • 1 - ICU

  • 1 - Surgery

  • 1 - Women's Health or Peds

  • 1 - ER

  • 1 - Block Nights

  • 1 - Family Medicine / Outpatient

  • 1 - Ward Medicine (Veterans Administration)

  • 2 1/2 - Approved Electives

  • 2-week Practice Management / Quality


All time is scheduled at the discretion of the program director; only one month may be spent in non-clinical experience (research, scholarly pursuits, administration, etc.).



Exposure to the support disciplines of pathology, radiology, and didactic anesthesiology occurs directly by rotation, or indirectly by formal conferences and/or exposure while on medical and surgical services.









TY Contact:

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