ACGME: 0805100132

The program is orderly, progressive, academic, and clinically oriented. It is designed to prepare the resident for the practice of dermatology and for examination and certification by the American Board of Dermatology.  The primary training clinic is based out of River Ridge Dermatology.

It is highly recommended that applicants apply for an audition rotation through Clinician Nexus. Audition rotations are available between June and December.
Applications for the Dermatology Residency Program are accepted through ERAS.
Required documents:
  1. ERAS application

  2. Three letters of recommendation

  3. Personal statement

  4. Transcript

  5. Board scores


Highlights of the program include:

  • Pure basic and clinical research

  • Pure clinical suburban practice

  • Various blends of sub-specialty practice

  • An education-oriented practice


Under supervision and direction, the program presents opportunities for clinical applications of dermatological principles. Residents accepted will participate in all didactic sessions, clinic sessions, and rotation settings that HCA provides. Didactic sessions are designed to address issues in dermatology that will impact the success of the resident's future practice; they also present a weekly opportunity to maintain and improve the organization of the program through discussion of problems and coordination of schedules.


The clinical experience provided strives to assure longitudinal as well as continuity of care training. It is intended that each trainee learn through the hands-on experience of caring for patients, by self-evaluation, and by faculty evaluation.


The primary method of education is hands-on patient care management. Therefore, each resident is provided with diverse patients in terms of age, gender, and socio-economic background. The location of the ambulatory care training sites provides the demographics suitable for serving a wide variety of patients.










Dermatology Contact:

Donna Underwood, MBA, MS
Office: 540-953-5445

Fax: 540-953-5453