Please apply with ERAS for all of our residency programs.


Our faculty provide exemplary training and are committed to teaching in a small group environment while residents have the opportunity to learn from well-trained and experienced staff. Many of them have additional training in interventional radiology and cardiology, sports medicine, joint replacement, spinal surgery, geriatrics, palliative care, faculty development, and research.

Through affiliations with VCOM, the Salem VA Medical Center, Carilion Clinic, Johnston-Willis Hospital, and many other physicians in the area, we provide depth and diversity to our program.


Behavioral science training is integrated in all residency programs, giving our residents critical relationship skills with a better understanding of the role of human behavior in the practice of medicine. At LGHM, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art training and developing the person behind the physician.



Director: Chad Johnston, DO

Contact: Donna Underwood, MBA, MS  |   540-953-5445

ACGME: 0805100132

A program that is orderly, progressive, academic, and clinically oriented; prepares residents for the practice of dermatology and examination and certification by the American Board of Dermatology.

  • Opportunities for clinical applications of dermatological principles are offered under supervision and direction.

  • Diverse program includes basic and clinical research, clinical suburban practice, and various blends of sub-specialty and education-oriented practice.



Director: Rodger Mattson, DO

Contact: Suzanne de Rooy   |   540-953-5108

ACGME: 1205100720

Offers a unique opportunity to train in strong clinic settings both on the hospital campus and in private practices. Maintains a focus on Osteopathic Medical Manipulation with hands-on sessions.

  • Ambulatory-based and flexible in design allowing for individual resident needs to be considered within the basic framework.

  • Training is based on the major disciplines of internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, and OB/GYN.

  • Osteopathic principles and practices are integrated into the clinical rotations.



Director: William Cox, DO, MBA

Contact: Susan Slate, MS   |   540-953-3528

ACGME: 14051009100


Offering comprehensive training, the program is based in LGHM's Department of Medicine and at the Salem VA Medical Center.

  • Provides core clinical training in internal medicine needed by all residents, regardless of future career plans.

  • Core curriculum provides solid grounding and meets the requirement of the American College of Osteopathic Internists.



Director: Peter Recupero, DO, MBA

Contact:  Donna Underwood, MBA, MS   |   540-953-5445

ACGME: 9995100206

A one-year training experience that allows interns to fulfill the clinical prerequisite for specialty training.

  • Flexible curriculum within the ACGME requirements allows preparation for fields such as dermatology, radiology, physical medicine, and rehabilitation.

  • Meets armed forces commitments and provides a general year of training with exposure to various fields of clinical medicine.